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January 2nd, 2011

08:03 pm - Top 2010
Okay, so a friend of mine made a Top 5 List of Songs for the year 2010. I liked the idea, so here is mine...but I think I'll make a Top 10 out of it~ Even if this year was a rather weak year in KPop...So this is only a KPop List, because I mostly listened to that this year...I barely kept up with japanese stuff...as for english music I could do one, too, but I am too lazy XD;
List + Videos~Collapse )

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April 7th, 2010

10:01 pm - SUPPORT TJ-Project? XD
Since TJ didn't stop asking me (yes he's desperate XD) another post here, sorry if I spam some of you guys >.<; but he's really cool, so I think he deserves some support for his dream! ^_^

So, some of you know him, some of you don't...but he's a cool guy and since he can sing REALLY REALLY well, I'll support him a little and maybe...you guys, too, y/y? Would be awesome!
Just take a look at this video and see my friend TJ sing!

and then if you're nice and like it,... simply vote for him here! He's pretty desperate so I'd appreciate it if you vote! ^_^ Thanks~!! ^_^


1- select the artist (which I hope would be TJ)
2-todays date (year/month/day)
3-surname / name


m ( _ _ ) m

let the votes begin!

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March 18th, 2010

05:21 pm - Pimp POST. Seriously.
Okay so I finally had the time to watch the EMT ('Elli meets Talent' Check her stuff out on seoulbeats.com, she does great interviews with Asian American Artists!) with 'Seriously The Band'. and after I watched that interview, I looked at their homepage and at their youtube channel and now I just have to pimp these guys a little!

Let's start with a little bit of music! Their first Music Video, Irony:

Yes they sing in English~ XD

Seriously Guys. Seriously!Collapse )
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February 23rd, 2010

12:06 pm - Key Wallpaper
Okay well, I am craving for some pretty Key these days and so I looked through my pictures and made two wallpapers. I really love these two pictures~ they have this...peacefulness and this kind of...freedom? IDK. I shouldn't even ramble about these pics but gawd Key is so freaking pretty~

I love that I have time for these things~Collapse )

Back to study~ ^_^
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October 24th, 2009

04:55 pm - Campus Life~
Alright. I survived the first week of university and it was full of...everything~ XD

Back to School~ XDCollapse )

Party Party. Happy Happy.Collapse )

Okay I am almost done, sorry for all the text >__<

Lol. my parents bought a doormat that says 'football is coming home'. WTF. XD

Lastly a short meme~
Short Question-MemeCollapse )

Now I will enjoy my evening with some Drama that I have to catch up with XD
(*points at moodtheme* I love that ep of EHB. Siwon is so freaking hilarious~ XD)

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August 31st, 2009

11:22 pm - argh~
I am sorry that this is not the first chapter of 'Of Gangs and Wars' I've been trying to finish it today but...I am not satisfied yet. BUT I will definetly post it tomorrow! I PROMISE!

Sorry ^_^;;
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August 28th, 2009

06:28 pm - Of Gangs and Wars
I don't think I'll ever be able to write a LJ entry about my life. But as a sign that I AM alive I give you this: FANFICTION! yay! XD

Title: Of Gangs and Wars [Prologue]
Author: famnos  (me, hehe~)
Pairing: KiHae, Rest will be revealed throughout the story
Rating: R, may turn into NC-17 later
Warnings: Contains Death and Violence, might contain Drugs and Sex later. Oh and bad language.
Summary: The Chois and The Kims rule the Underground of Seoul. Now comes the time to find the real Boss.
Notes: Okay, so I had Suju and Mafia in mind. I am trying to make this NOT a cute or funny story (but I am trying to put in some dark humor and sarcasm...>.<;) but rather badass. I am not sure if I will succeed, but it's worse trying, don't you think? For 2thechangmin  who I promised this story for a while now. (And I suck at finding good titles for my stories XD)

Kibum let the smoke fill his lungs, savoring the taste and the burning. 'I'll send Kyu and Yesung then. Let's play war, if that is what Choi wants.'Collapse )

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August 27th, 2009

03:07 pm - I am still alive~ XD
Before I post a 'real' LJ -entry, here a meme from 2thechangmin ~

meme~ ^_^Collapse )

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July 22nd, 2009

12:55 am - More Icons~~~
So madelyn93 asked me for a Taekyeon Icon. That ended with me making yet another 45 2PM Icons. So in the last...three days I made about 160 Icons. lol. So I searched pics and found way too hot 2PM pics (Chansung with his cap killed me, too hot~ That photoshoot is great overall!!). And I will make Wallpapers with those, too, someday~

For those who missed my other batch of icons, go here

AND NOW IT'S 2PM. Well...almost...or...rather...2am? Whatever Icons, go!
The Hottest Time of the Day!!!Collapse )

and...a little Bonus, just because the pic was so hilarious~~~


Good Night~!

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July 20th, 2009

07:03 pm - Creativity oozes out of me!
I MADE A WALLPAPER. And...I dedicate it to alice_p_liddel . SURPRISE! <3

Because she loves Chansung. And these pics are adorable so I hope you love them, too~ XD

And since it's a a 1280x800px Chansung Wallpaper~

General Hwang~Collapse )

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